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Jelly Laurel / Elice Thyron (main chars) on Elona Reach server! Don't be afraid to talk to me, I love making friends! ♥

Currently working on some ascended items, nothing else to do :3

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"Still Alive" from Portal, played on the Guild Wars 2 bell by Hecksa.

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"Hello friend, what long arms you have!"

"The better to hug you with!"



I just realized I promised screens of my new thief some days ago and promptly forgot about it :’) well, here’s one I really like (though not on best graphics settings)!

Her name is Ava Vianelli and I love her lots ♥♥♥ she’ll get some nice armor once the feature pack hits on april 15th >w< Currently she’s level 41 (got her to 20 with an exp scroll though) and I hope to get her to 80 till then although that’s probably not going to happen XD


Birthday present for my friend and always-and-forever-guild-wars-buddy :’D ♥

the world needs more charr-plushies <3

Yoooo this is the most amazing thing and everyone who plays GW2 really needs to see this :D ♥♥♥


In a game filled with great music, this is some of the best, and it was simply composed for the final battle with Scarlet’s Prime Hologram.  I’m honestly amazed by this composition; it’s some of the best boss music I’ve heard in a video game.

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i may or may not have created a new thief just because of the new hairstyles ;u;

i have high hopes though, maybe i’ll finally level her to more than 30 :) thief is the last class i’m missing haha i just really don’t get how you play it

will post pictures later ;V;

I love my dragonsura (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

uni is going great but it makes me a little angry that I don’t really have time to draw. I still try to at least doodle something every day :/

have some gw cuties ❤