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Elice Thyron / Wenzel Salamibrot (main chars) on Elona Reach server! Don't be afraid to talk to me, I love making friends! ♥

Currently working on some ascended items, nothing else to do :3

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ambrite weapons: 1/4


+real nice cultural rig
(Still with the charr backpack because I COULDN’T RESIST. She looks really pissed off about it, haha.)


Also, look at how adorable her pet is in the background. I couldn’t cut him out of the picture because of the reptile cuteness, aww.
That’s mithril, orange frost and some not-so-dark red (forgot the name). I don’t know what’s it with me and red and gold-ish all the time. (Maybe it’s because I really dig the fire nation style?)

Darth is right now my favourite character to play. I looove her idle animations, haha. Currently collected all ranger pets I can get at her level, excluding of course all hall of monuments pets since I don’t have the original Guild Wars games, as well as the Eternal Battlegrounds pet (the ‘normal’ wolf). 

Btw, I didn’t give up on the comic but I have to redraw lots of stuff because I’m dumb about planning scenes so it’s already hard to tell what’s going on in the very first panel. I need to brood over it some more and then try again.

Oh and [NarR] screenshot contest … hmm, I guess a ranger’s best friend is their pet? Is that cheating? xD

Yaay Darth looks great! ♥ Love the colors as well!

As for the screenshot contest, friendship with pets is awesome and creative interpretations of the theme are always encouraged :)

Asker Anonymous Asks:
what's elice's favourite food and/or drink? :3
hollyplaysguildwars2 hollyplaysguildwars2 Said:

Her favorite ingame foods would be Mango Pie and Candied Dragon Rolls (=sushi, I guess?), as for drinks I imagine she enjoys a glass of red wine every now and then!

I need all the ambrite weapon skins wowowow

the biologist in me is dancing right now \o/

Nice day in Dry Top - The Zephyrites have nothing to worry about when [NarR] is there to protect them! :)

We decided to try to get to tier 4 Zephyrite support as a 12-man guild (3 teams of 4 people doing the different events), and succeeded! I’m very proud of everyone, especially because our server didn’t get to t4 even once before our attempt ♥



Oh hey.
Another boat sets sail:


Darth Booth and her trusty tank black bear.


"Watcha lookin’ at?"


Welcome to the fray :3




Thanks to Athan Darzi for posing ^-^ (unknowingly of what I had in mind, tehehehe.)

"Dear diary, tonight I’m going to kill a man."

(via icouldoutrunacentaur)


Since I currently can’t seem to draw this properly, have the very first sketch for now (no idea when I’ll manage to draw this in a way that actually works out for me, I drew this one in the middle of the night):


Stupid backstory:

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Haha, I love that most animations on low graphics settings are just some kind of punching the air :D Especially reviving x3




My last personal story part in GW2 is that stuff where you kill the dragon!

Any guildies interested in slaying the beast some time tomorrow or on the weekend?

I admit I don’t like Orr, especially the undead that chill you all the time. DDD:

my mesmer is around lvl 70 with his story, if you’d wait for him to catch up that’d be great :D

My Ele also just needs one or two further missions :)

I have a warri that still needs the last mission! :3




Why the heck am I even playing Guild Wars 2?
I’m really bad at games. Like, always and really, really every game. (I mean, okay, I beat the horrible ending part of Assassin’s Creed 3 on my third try, which ins’t bad but I’ll be honest: I looked up in a Youtube video where you have to run to…

I saw you already got a helpful answer from someone else, but here’s my two cents under the cut because of lengthy wording:

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